OB Security Utils Product

OB Security Utils Product

This product will contain a single API that will sign the incoming request payload with the Santander JWS signature policy. This is being built in the "intra-core" catalogue in order to facilitate the Confirmation Of Payee outbound calls. Currently this is in testing.

API Documention

OB Security Utils API

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Name: OpenBanking Security Project Email: OpenBankingAPIsecurityteam@santander.co.uk


Santander UK https://www.santander.co.uk
Default Planlock
Rate limits: 100 per second
Burst limits: 100 per second
Open data: No approval required
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ActionPathCall Rate
POST /sign-payload 2 rate limits *
POST /validatepayloadsignature 2 rate limits *
POST /private-key-jwt 2 rate limits *

Use this API

To use this API, you must be registered for Production access in the Open banking Directory.