Confirmation of Funds

Confirmation of Funds

The API endpoints described here allow a Card Based Payment Instrument Issuer ('CBPII') to:

  • Register an intent to confirm funds by creating a "funds confirmation consent" resource with an ASPSP, for agreement between the PSU and ASPSP. This consent is a long lived consent, and contains the length of time (expiration date) the customer (PSU) would like to provide to the CBPII; and
  • Subsequently make a request to confirm funds are available.
  • Funds can only be confirmed against the currency of the account.

This API is developed according to the Open Banking Read/Write API Specifications and fulfils PSD2 regulation, see

API Information

Title Confirmation of Funds V3
Protocol TLS-MA
Open Banking Specification Version 3.1.2
Access Free to use but subscription is required

Key Features:

  • Registration of consent to allow CBPII to make request for funds confirmation.
  • Processing of requests to confirm that funds are available
  • Process requests for revocation of a previously registered consent.

What can you do?

  • Register an intent to retrieve confirmation of funds for a particular amount by providing a binary response, TRUE or FALSE. The authorisation provided by the PSU to the CBPII follows the same model for Security and Data Access than the AISP flow.

  • These features apply to all Payment Accounts

  • Authorisations to CBPIIs will be available to review or stop by the PSU through the online banking.

Who can have access to the API?

Access to the Confirmation of Funds API is limited to approved/authorised CBPIIs, using eIDAS certificates. Approval and authorisation is managed by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK (FCA, see and other relevant competent authorities across the EU. Approved/Authorised organisations should then be enrolled to use the Open Banking Directory. By successfully accomplishing these prerequisites, a CBPII will obtain the necessary digital identities and certificates which enable organisations to securely connect and communicate via the Open Banking Security Profile (OIDC) in a standard manner and to best protect all parties within the Open Banking ecosystem.

API Documention

Confirmation of Funds V3

Reference documentation Download swagger spec


Name: Service Desk Email:
Default Planlock
Rate limits: 200 per minute
Burst limits: 40 per second
... to use this plan
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ActionPathCall Rate
POST /funds-confirmation-consents 2 rate limits *
GET /funds-confirmation-consents/{ConsentId} 2 rate limits *
DELETE /funds-confirmation-consents/{ConsentId} 2 rate limits *
POST /funds-confirmations 2 rate limits *

Use this API

To use this API, you must be registered for Production access in the Open banking Directory.