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Open Banking

These APIs have been developed so that they meet the Open Banking Read/Write API specifications. To use these APIs you need to become an approved Account Information Service Provider (AISP) or Payment Initiation Service Provider (PISP). Find out more information on Open Banking APIs in our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Latest news

October Communication

We are delighted to announce two new features in our Open Banking Read/Write APIs that are now available. 


Open Banking Payment Initiation: BACS functionality

 We have just released our bulk (immediate and scheduled) functionality via the BACS scheme for corporate customers within our Payment Initiation API. If you need any support or have any questions please contact us at openbankingAPI@santander.co.uk


Open Banking Event Polling

We have deployed an new API, Open Banking Event Polling, that will allow Third Party Providers to recieve a list of revoked consent IDs against their Application. If you need any more information or have any questions please contact us at openbankingAPI@santander.co.uk.

SCA Update

On the 14th March 2020, Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) comes in to force which will see a change in the way in which customers log into Online Banking and requires not only their PID (personal ID) and Security Number but also an additional check. This may be through the use of biometrics, tokens or One Time Passcodes. The result of this means TPPs still using the screen scraping method will no longer be able to access the customer's data for ALL customer accounts both those in scope of PSD2/Open Banking and those outside of the scope of the regulation. 

The SCA implementation will commence in a phased approach completing mid-March and starting on the 20th February. For the pilot - customers that access accounts via our Login button from our public website will be redirected to use the new SCA journey. Customers who access by stored URLs predating 20th February will continue to access our non SCA login journeys. We expect this will account for approx. 30% of our customer traffic. Redirection from older stored URL's will be adjusted before 14th March (date TBC). 

For Corporate customers, our SCA Pilot will commence on the 8th March, but both SCA and non SCA journeys will be available after this date until 14th March. After 14th March the Corporate non SCA login process will be removed. 

If you need any assistance with your migration from screen scraping to our Open Banking APIs, please contact us via our contact form.

Decommission of Open Data v2.1

Following on from our communication via the Open Banking Service Desk on 22nd January, we would like to advise that the decommissioning of our Open Data v2.1 APIs has been completed. If you try to access the Open Data v2.1 services on or afer 10th February the request will fail.

Regulated data: regulated approval required

Account and Transactions V3

This API, provides the ability for approved/authorised account information providers (AISPs) to access a customer’s (payment service user, PSU) account ...

Payment Initiation V3

This API provides the ability for authorised payment initiation service providers (PISPs, TPPs – third party providers) to initiate and ...

Confirmation of Funds V3

The API endpoints described here allow a Card Based Payment Instrument Issuer ('CBPII') to: - Register an intent ...

Do I need the Sandbox or the Production Developer Portal?


Open Data or Regulated Data?

Anyone can use the Open Data APIs by visiting our Get Started guide. For Regulated Data, you need regulatory approval.


Do you have approval?

If you're an approved Third Party Provider (TPP), you can log-in through Open Banking. If not, you must start with our sandbox.


Approved and ready to start?

Read our Get Started guide to register your app and subscribe to our APIs.

Open data: no registration requried


Information on our branches, including locations and opening times. The branch API provides information on all Santander branches. Key features are: List ...


Product information on our current accounts, commercial credit cards and SME loans. This API provides up-to-date information about Santander UK’s on ...


Information on our ATMs, including locations and features. The ATM API provides information on all Santander ATMs. Key features are: List of ...