Open Banking Event Notification

Open Banking Event Notification

This API, provides the ability for approved/authorised account information service providers (AISPs) and Card Based Payment Instrument Issuers (CBPIIs) to retrieve a list of all revoked consents that have been made against the Account & Transactions and/or the Confirmation of Funds APIs. This API is developed according to the Open Banking Read/Write API Specifications and fulfils PSD2 regulation. see

Key Features:

An endpoint that allows, by Client ID, a TPP to retrieve a list of Consent IDs that have been revoked in the last 30 days or since they last called the API endpoint, whichever is the shorter. This only applies to consents created against the Account & Transactions and Confirmation of Funds APIs.

Who can have access to the API?

Access to the Event Polling API is limited to approved/authorised AISPs and CBPIIs, using eIDAS certificates. Approval and authorisation is managed by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK (FCA, see and other relevant competent authorities across the EU. Approved/Authorised organisations should then be enrolled to use the Open Banking Directory. By successfully accomplishing these prerequisites, an AISP will obtain the necessary digital identities and certificates which enable organisations to securely connect and communicate via the Open Banking Security Profile (OIDC) in a standard manner and to best protect all parties within the Open Banking ecosystem.

API Documention

OB Event Polling API

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Use this API

To use this API, you must be registered for Production access in the Open banking Directory.